WABU(Workers Affected By Unrest) System is now open, to access the system click on the following link.


  • The online portal is now open for payment iteration 9 (16 Mar 2021 to 27 June 2021) for SECTOR based applications.
  • The online portal is now open for payment iteration 10(28 June 2021 to 25 July 2021) for SECTOR based applications..
  • The online portal is now open for payment iteration 11(16 Mar 2021 to 25 July 2021)only for NON SECTOR based applications:
    • Age of 60
    • Comorbidities
    • Isolation and Quarantine

Dear Client , When no advance selection is made , please note there is no need to change payment medium to PAY to EMPLOYEES , this will be executed in the system backend
Please continue capturing and ensure employees banking details are inserted and are correct

Declaration functionality is available now. After login Go to Employee Declare Employees


Bank Verification
Nedbank Account holders:

Nedbank account holders, please take special care when populating Account Type

  • Cheque
  • Save
  • Transmission
  • Other

An incorrect account type will result in failed bank verification and thus unnecessary delays in the release of TERS payments.

Standard Bank Account holders:

All new 11-digit Standard Bank of SA account numbers must be submitted with branch code 051001

11-digit Standard Bank account numbers not submitted with branch 051001 will be rejected irrespective whether the account number in question is a Valid Standard Bank account number or not.


Urgent Instructions
Dear Employer

Please, insert either the Enterprise number ( CK / CIPC ) or the ID number of the bank account holder in the TERS on –line portal , in order for further payments to be authorised by the UIF. The ID number of the account holder will only be accepted if the Employer is not required to have the ENTERPRISE NUMBER ( CK / CIPC )

The process to capture the Enterprise Number/ Employer ID Number as follow:

  • Log in to the system:
  • The system will display the Employer tab details
  • Capture Enterprise Number or Employer ID Number
  • Click Proceed/Update button

The above is required to verify all banking details before any TERS payments is authorised

Failure to do so will result in further delays in your payment process.

Unemployment Insurance Commissioner.
  • New Login Rules
  • Only one user is allowed to access the system per username. If second user will try to access the system while first one is browsing an error message – USER ALREADY LOGGED IN is displayed.
  • If you typed incorrect password or username, then you have 2 mins to login with correct username and password. If you failed, the account is locked for 60 mins and you will see the error - USER ALREADY LOGGED IN
  • Always sign out to destroy your browsing session.
  • If you are getting USER ALREADY LOGGED IN error and you are the only person trying to log in, then wait for 60 mins to automatically clear the session. You will be allowed to login after 60 mins.
  • Do not interfere with the URL. This will invalidate your user session and lock you.
  • if you cannot access the account for over 60 mins then only contact any uif officials.